Wedding Venue Shelby NC

Wedding Venue Shelby, NC

The Banker’s House

The Banker’s House was built in 1875 and it is a charming and unique home that now holds a diverse range of events. The large, well-preserved house is made of stucco-brick and is notable for its handsome proportions, deceptively asymmetrical plan, and consistent use of rich ornament. This house is one of North Carolina’s most beautiful historic homes and it has been converted into a location for a lovely wedding venue.

If you are looking for an exceptional and affordable wedding venue, the Banker’s House is the perfect location. Two special features of the Banker’s House include the Bridal Boudoir and the Groomsmen’s Lounge. These rooms allow the bride and groom to dress, spend special times with their wedding parties, and enjoy light appetizers and drinks before their big day begins. Additionally, the staff at the Banker’s House has the professional expertise every bride and groom needs for their wedding day. Caterers and a certified event planner will also assist in planning and implementing your event and will ensure your day stays on schedule. The Banker’s House can host your rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony, and your reception!

The Banker’s House is conveniently located in Shelby, North Carolina. Regardless of where you live, Shelby has the accommodations and team of qualified professionals to help make your wedding a success. If you’re interested in The Banker’s House for your wedding, email us today at weddings@thebankershouse.org or call (980)-404-0096 to schedule a tour. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your dream wedding day!