Our History

The Banker’s House stands proudly at 319 North Lafayette Street just a few blocks from the main Court square (now the Earl Scruggs Museum) in uptown Shelby. Designed by prominent architect G.S. H. Applegate in 1874, the Banker’s house has been the home of prominent members of the banking profession since its construction. The home always included a barn that stabled horses that were used for transportation to and from town by previous owners. First National Bank President George Blanton and his wife, Nancy Blanton, resided in the home from 1937 until 2006. It’s here they raised three daughters: Nancy Dicks Blanton Siegel (1940-76), Catherine Wood Blanton Freedberg (1942-) and Lydia Lee Blanton Matthews (1948-) who were avid equestrians and have special memories of the barn and its renovation.

The barn and stables, reconstructed in 1911 due to a fire in the barn, served the avid equestrians of the Blanton family well. Today, they stand as a modern venue for parties – from rehearsal dinners and private parties to corporate events and bridal showers.

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